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Strategies for Attracting, Engaging, and Retaining the New Generation Workforce

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Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Are you experiencing high turnover among your young staff, which is draining your time and resources?
  • Do you struggle to provide the flexibility and purpose that Gen Z employees demand?
  • Are communication breakdowns in your team leading to tension and misunderstandings?
  • Do your efforts to connect with your staff fall flat, causing disengagement?

No more frustration or struggle with managing Gen Z staff. Transform your workplace culture for sustainable success!

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The workforce is changing 

Gen Z will make up about 30% of the U.S workforce by 2030

They are taking center stage - and expect more from their employers.

As a business leader, you need to adapt to attract, manage, and retain these motivated yet demanding young employees. Fail to shift strategies and you’ll struggle with recruitment, turnover, and disengagement.

But evolution doesn’t have to be scary. Armed with the right approach, you can capture the potential of Gen Z to drive innovation, connection, and growth.

Find out How

Employee Revolution Handbook is an actionable guide to leading the workforce of the future. In this handbook you’ll discover:

The #1 thing Zoomers value from their workplace

Common reasons employers struggle to retain young talent


Principles to lead the workforce of the future

Actionable strategies to align expectations, provide growth opportunities, and more

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Ready to Unlock the Potential of Gen Z Employees?

The Employee Revolution Handbook will equip you to:

  • Boost recruitment and retention of top Gen Z candidates
  • Reduce frustration and enhance communication with young team members
  • Create professional growth opportunities that motivate and inspire
  • Adapt company culture to align with Gen Z values
  • And more!

This handbook is for:

  • Single & Multi-unit franchise owners struggling with high turnover and low retention rates amongst Gen Z employees
  • Franchise HR and operations leaders seeking strategies to attract and engage top Gen Z talent
  • Business leaders noticing declining productivity or performance from disengaged younger team
  • Founders of startups and small businesses wanting to embed Gen Z-friendly values from the start
  • Traditional brick & mortar organizations lacking innovation, realizing they need to better adapt to the workforce of the future

Stop The Turnover & Inspire your Gen Zs to Thrive

Whether you're just noticing issues with Gen Zs retention or have been struggling with young talent for years, the Employee Revolution Handbook provides the fix you need:


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Implement the actionable strategies


Unleash the potential of your Gen Z employees

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Generation Z?

Gen Z refers to those born between 1995 and 2010. They now make up a huge portion of workers entering the workforce. Sometimes called "Zoomers", they bring unique values and expectations.


What if I don't work at a large company? Can smaller businesses benefit from the handbook?

Absolutely. The strategies apply whether you have 10 employees or 500. Implementing even a few principles from the handbook will positively shift how you attract, support, and retain Gen Z talent.


How is Gen Z different from Millennials? Do the strategies apply to both?

There are distinct differences. While parts may be relevant, we really focus this handbook on optimizing for Gen Z. Their digital-native consumer behavior and desire for purpose, balance, and inclusion vary from previous cohorts.


Do I need to overhaul everything to see results? Can we pick and choose ideas?

While a full revolution has maximum impact, you'll gain benefits from implementing even just a few focus areas like aligning values in hiring, enhancing communication, or increasing flexibility.


What kind of support do you provide with the handbook download?

The handbook features detailed step-by-step advice and best practices that make application simple.

We additionally offer a Multi-Unit Franchisee Mastermind Program for those wanting extra help implementing the recommendations for Gen Z management and overall business profitability and scaling.  Visit the COMMAND program to learn more.

About Aicha Bascaro

The Employee Revolution Handbook is written by Aicha Bascaro, a seasoned franchise operator, speaker, and workforce management expert. Aicha has more than 35 years of experience leading large franchise operations. She has employed over 800 team members across 60+ locations, where first-time job employees represented +60% of the workforce.

High turnover, poor communication, and low engagement is common place in the franchise industry. Rather than accept the status quo, Aicha started doing intense research and developed a workplace revolution plan - overhauling how she guides her multi-unit franchise clients to integrate, develop and retain Gen Z employees. Her multi-faceted strategies and hands-on techniques have achieved incredible results:

  • Reduce Gen Z turnover
  • Improve Productivity amongst Gen Zs
  • Increase Recruitment of top talent
  • Excel in Workplace positive culture

Now a seasoned expert on leading the workforce of the future, Aicha wants to share her Gen Z employee engagement blueprint with leaders everywhere via the Employee Revolution Handbook.

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