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Running a franchise is more challenging than it seems.  When you invest in a franchise you are acquiring the systems to duplicate a brand with a high level of precision and consistency.  You are not receiving a franchise management degree.  It is up to you to acquire the business acumen and expertise to develop the systems to manage the business profitably and to scale with confidence.  The American Franchise Academy is here to help you do that!



A successful business starts with the implementation of management systems that allow you to execute your business processes in a consistent and efficient way.


When you have consistent systems to manage your team, revenue and expenses, the result is a reliable business that produces the desired predictable profits.


Having solid management systems and predictable profits allows you delegate your operations and turn your initial investment into a healthy scalable business.

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Our signature programs are designed to provide franchise leaders with the knowledge, tools, resources and support to implement the business management systems you need to be in command of your business and achieve the time and financial freedom that you desire.

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As the elite education source for franchise leaders, we are happy to partner with the International Franchise Association (IFA) and join in their mission to provide industry-leading events, advocacy, education and growth opportunities to the franchise community.


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