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The Road to the Restaurant Nation’s News POWER 50 List

inspiration multi-unit franchising Jan 25, 2022
The Restaurant Nation’s News POWER 50 List

Last week I was informed that I had been selected to join the Nation's Restaurant News Power LIST of 2022.  After getting over the excitement, I realized that I had to take a moment to think about what that meant for the people that made the selection and the people that will learn about it.  I was in the Middle of our quarterly “Multi-Unit Franchisee Masterclass” and couldn’t give it the time it deserved.

Before I started to write my appreciation to the Nation’s Restaurant News, I was looking through the list of 50 and I was struck by how this list can open a window into what is happening right now in our country and how people have the power to make things better.

Other leaders in the Power 50 are people that are on a mission to help us eat healthier, get better jobs, implement technology in our business, use eco-friendly packaging, look at food service and revenue channels in different way, provide more and better opportunities to minorities, improve employees work environment and experience, etc.  If you want to be at the vanguard of what is happening in the Food Service Industry, I highly recommend that you read these leader’s profiles and interviews.

As the article stated, we may not be the leaders that are managing billions of dollars in revenue, but we are the backbone of our country that is making a difference in hundreds and thousands of people and businesses in the food service industry every day.

How I got into the list?  Well, they asked me what impactful projects or innovations do I have in store for 2022?  I shared with them that we have 3 things that we are very excited for this year:

  1. Our Multi-Unit Owner Certification – Our development program for franchisees that want to go beyond one unit and build a multi-unit enterprise. Their respective franchisors give them the right to duplicate their proven brand and we give them the tools to be profitable and expand their organization. In the program they get knowledge, business coaching and a network of franchisees in their mastermind.  There is no program like this in the country.
  2. Our Development Program for District Managers – As franchisees grow into multi-unit, they find themselves overwhelmed managing multiple units in multiple locations and a District Manager with no clear responsibilities or routines. Our 10-week program sets their District Managers for success and allows franchisees to continue to focus on growth by delegating the operations with confidence.  There is no program like this in the country.
  3. Our partnership with Pathways – Gerry Fernandez from the Multicultural Foodservice and Hospitality Alliance reach out to me to join their Pathways program to provide a coordinated opportunity to underserved people in the food industry to have access to the benefits of franchising by partnering them with great brands, financial support, and education to ensure their success.

2022 is set to be another amazing year and we are very excited to continue to be the difference for many entrepreneurs!

Thank you, Nation’s Restaurant News!  I am extremely humbled and honored to be in The Power List for 2022 and I will continue to work hard to be deserving of this honor for many years to come.

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