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9 Ways to Leverage Your Franchisor

planning profit Jul 11, 2023
Leverage your franchisor

Too many franchisees, especially those struggling with their franchises, feel alone while trying to make their business work without knowing what to do. And, instead of asking for help, hide from their franchisor because they can’t produce the expected results.

This is not right. At the end of the day, the franchisees invest a significant amount of money in their franchises, and the franchisor has the resources and tools to help them be successful. What is more, the franchise owners want to help them be successful

Sadly, not enough franchisees reach out to take advantage of what the franchisor has to offer

In this blog post, I’ll share nine ways in which you can leverage your franchisor and all the things that they can do to help you out. Take note and don’t miss any of them! 


1. Teach you how to exactly duplicate the brand

You need to truly understand and learn exactly how to replicate the brand that you invested in because being a proven brand, if you do this you’ll get the revenue you need to be successful

Not knowing exactly how to execute all the brand standards, processes, and procedures will prevent you from maximizing the revenue your brand can deliver. 

So make sure you learn and understand how to duplicate this brand with a high level of excellence, to get your money’s worth from the franchise you invested in.

Mini-tip: This is the very first step to profitability


2. Provide support resources

The franchisor has developed a variety of resources to support you as a franchisee. But you have to be aware of where are the training materials, the detailed and documented processes, as well as the training lessons, and how to access them.

Not only that but also how you can use them to teach your employees how to execute the brand systems and take advantage of every single thing the franchisor has provided.

Also, make sure that everyone in the organization knows where to find those materials so that they can use them as support while aiming at operational excellence. 


3. Share the brand marketing calendar

Ask your franchisor for the brand marketing calendar to make the best out of it, especially if you're paying marketing fees towards the development of that plan and the buzzword of the brand. 

Once you find where the marketing calendar is, support it all the way so you can make the most of those marketing fees investments.


4. Organize a Franchise Annual Conference

Those annual conferences are not only a great source of knowledge, information, and experience. 

They are also a way for you to be up to speed on what's happening with the brand, as well as networking with fellow franchisees that are doing the same thing you're doing. And, they are the perfect opportunity to make yourself visible within the franchise network.

  • Altogether, the benefits obtained in these events help you be successful in your franchise business

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5. Set up regional meetings

If the brand is large enough and conducts regional meetings, you must participate in those reunions as well. 

Taking an active role in these meetings will not only keep you informed on what's going on. Consider that a lot of decisions are taken during those meetings. So, if you're not present, you won’t have a say in what's happening in your region or in the same area where you have your business.


6. Access to a business consultant

The sixth way in which you can leverage your franchisor is to build a great relationship with the business consultant they assign to you. 

This person represents the brand and is the liaison between them and you. They can give you more resources, guidance on best practices, and help you improve your business and your franchise results. In summary, they are a great source of information and will help you succeed!

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7. Neighboring franchisees

Speaking of building relationships, you can also take advantage of the franchisees that are operating in the same area as you are. 

They can share with you what's happening in their business. And, since they are more directly related to you because you share the market and have similar customers, they can give you insights you may not have.


8. Contact with top-performing franchisees

This is why you need to go to the conferences and the regional meetings so that you can get close to franchisees that are succeeding and growing by leaps and bounds.

With their experience, you’ll learn how you too can scale your business. Also, being around successful people in your brand will inspire you to do what you need to do to be just like them. 


9. A franchisee association you can join

If your franchise has a franchisee association, you should join it! These associations usually get together to benefit the franchisees and help bring their voices in front of the franchisor. 

By joining, you can:

  • Get inside information that you won't get otherwise.
  • Have a say in your franchise brand
  • Network and meet successful franchisees to learn from them so you can be successful yourself. 


Asking for help is not a sign of weakness! It is a sign of intelligence and strength because nobody is born with all the knowledge. 

  • Business owners who ask questions can get the right information to benefit their businesses.

Think about it! If you paid a lot of money to have this franchise, why not take advantage of everything that the franchisor and the franchise network can offer for you to be successful? 

These nine points will help you to do that and leverage the franchisor and the proven brand of products, services, and image to produce revenue. 

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Our best-in-class programs are a great complement to the franchisor support and, altogether, will help you be successful.

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  • Are you enjoying the fruits of your investment or struggling and hiding from your franchisor?
  • How are you aligning with the marketing calendar to increase the awareness of your franchise?
  • Are you an active franchisee, participating and raising your voice within the franchise network?
  • How are you maximizing your opportunities for success?