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6 Actions That Make Great Leaders - Part 2

culture leadership people Apr 11, 2023
Great Leaders

Everyone wants to have great leaders in their organization. And the number one way to have them is if you as a business owner are a great leader yourself

  • It's not easy being a great leader, especially these days. And while we are not all born natural leaders, I truly believe that leaders can be made, trained, and developed!

As a continuation of our last blog post, on this one, we’ll be covering the second six actions of an effective leader. We, at The American Franchise Academy, have identified these as the principles that no matter the time, the person, or the generation, are intrinsic to great leaders.

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These are not just characteristics, but actions of a leader. This is what great leaders actually do. 

Look at these 12 actions and proactively and consciously exercise them every day in your interactions with your people. Through that practice, you will become a great leader!


7. Be Inclusive

That means that they are consciously aware if anyone on their team is being left out and, if that is the case, do something about it.

A lot of the time, those people that are quiet and introverted won’t receive as much attention as those that are more outgoing and sociable, but they might be the ones with the most and the better answers. So an inclusive leader that proactively looks for ways to incorporate and hear everyone is a great asset to your organization.


8. Provide Direction

A great leader is always giving people clear guidance and understanding of what their responsibilities are. 

Most people want to do well at their jobs, but they don't know what “well” looks like. They might spend time and effort doing things but not the way the leader is envisioning them. If they don’t have clarity, don't be surprised if you don’t get the results you want. Also, you won’t be able to give positive feedback to these employees who need to improve.

But, if you provide a precise path and explain what they need to do every day, they’ll be able to fulfill those expectations, feel satisfied with their jobs, and be recognized for the work being done properly.

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9. Set Goals

Providing direction is not enough. Giving them a goal, something to strive for, something that everybody can work together towards accomplishing, is a great motivator. That way, when the team achieves that, you can all celebrate that triumph. 

The only way you're going to have that positive energy, excitement, and teamwork toward getting something done is if you set feasible goals. These are what we call SMART goals, which refer to goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Time-bound. 

If you can provide smart goals, the team will be more likely to work towards them together. And once the job is done, you must reward them so people continue this behavior. These will create a positive energy which will be very motivating and will help you develop a great culture


10. Communicate 

The new generations want to know what's going on, be involved, and feel like they're part of something bigger. And so great leaders must communicate what's happening within the company and share the corporate news, especially if these will affect them in their day-to-day work, either in the short or long term.

Communicating with the team is critical, even when you think they may not care. Trust me, they do!

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11. Expect Excellence 

This is something that I noticed all too often: from the moment we hire people, we expect them to fail and do something wrong. The reality is that when you select someone to be part of your team, you should expect nothing but excellence not because they have to, but because that is who they are. 

And, speaking about communication, you should let them know this and transmit this to them. If you expect people to step up and be the best version of themselves, and you share it with them, people will rise to the expectations and will know what to give.

If at any point in time, they don't live up to that, you have to communicate that disappointment and how you know them to be exceptional. Ask them if they need anything and help them achieve that excellence! As a result, that person will be better than they ever thought they could be. 

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12. Be of service 

A great leader should provide the team with a great working environment, giving them the tools, resources, training, education, and knowledge they need to excel.

During the first two decades of my career in the franchise industry, I worked at Domino's Pizza, going from delivery girl to assistant manager, to unit manager, and ended up at the headquarters. One of the things I learned from its founder, Tom Monahan, which has stayed with me through the decades, is that “if you don't make them, bake them, or take them, you are there to support those that do”.

What that means is: if you're not actively in the unit, working in the operations to deliver your brand and business systems daily, your job is to help those that do.

If your team is delivering the product and service and managing your business, you have to provide them guidance, training, and all the tools they require to succeed and do their job the best possible way. That's what a great leader does.


Those are the 12 actions of a great leader. I hope that this gives you some thought about what you should be working on, where you are doing splendidly, and where you have an opportunity to be greater. 

Very few people are truly willing to step up and be the leader that people are looking for. If this is who you're going to be for your people, the world in which you work and live, and the culture that you are developing in your organization, will be completely different than most. So think about that!

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  • In what areas can you improve as a leader? 
  • Are you setting SMART goals and motivating your teams to achieve them?
  • Can you give your employees more knowledge, tools, and information to help them be more successful?
  • What are the things they are missing to perform with excellence?