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The 4 Roles of the Multi-Unit Leader

culture district manager multi-unit franchising people profit Jun 29, 2022
The role of the district manager

Franchisees who want to grow their organization from a one-unit job into a multi-unit enterprise require the help of a district manager to accomplish the business and financial results they expect. 

But this multi-unit leader often gets frustrated because there’s a lack of clarity in the industry as to what is their role. So much so, that this is the first reason why these particular leaders struggle to be successful.

Why is this? The position usually gets promoted from a single unit manager into a district manager and ends up becoming super general managers, instead of true multi-unit leaders that focus on the things that actually impact and make a difference in the organization

To prevent this confusion, we at The American Franchise Academy have identified three specific roles that these fantastic and hardworking team members have to play. 


1. The protector of their people

Protecting their staff is the first thing they have to focus their time and effort on. This refers to training, coaching, developing, and promoting them, but also making sure that they are growing within the organization.

Another aspect they have to take care of is that the workers feel safe from external potential risk as well as internally among the personnel. How can they do this? Through building a positive and inspiring culture within the work environment.

They also have to validate that they have the right people on board doing a great job and that the standards, policies, and procedures are in place.


2. The protector of the brand

The district manager has to protect and grow the brand. The more than the better they protect the franchise brand, the better the reputation, the service, the customer’s experience, the product, and the image will be. Therefore, franchisees will be able to increase their revenue from sales.

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3. The protector of the business 

What this means is that they have to oversee their district results, keeping in mind the business and financial results that are expected in the organization. They need to make sure they can meet those goals and metrics that have been established by the owner of the franchise

So, they need to not only protect the business so that there is no loss or waste but also focus on being able to grow it by having great results and increasing the sales and revenue of the organization.


These are the three overall roles that these multi-unit leaders have to embrace and be responsible for, day in and day out. And they can do this through seven critical responsibilities of a district manager

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Aside from these activities and tasks, the overall role of the multi-unit leader is to be the franchisee’s ambassador. They are representing the multi-unit franchisee in front of the customers, the team members, and the brand. That’s why it is critical that they are clear and aware of how they should spend their time and effort, and concentrate on the right things. 

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  • How much of a protector is your district manager, in terms of people, brand, and business?
  • Is your district manager a true ambassador of your brand?
  • Does your district manager know exactly what are the things they need to do and oversee to be successful?
  • Is this leader meeting the expected goals and metrics that have been established by you?