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The Power of Being Thankful

culture inspiration planning Nov 24, 2022
Power of being thankful

Entrepreneurs often had difficulty being thankful for what they are going through, especially in the last couple of years. Sometimes the ups, but especially the downs, are just too much to bear, but we must do it if we are committed to accomplishing our goals and dreams.

How can we turn those negative experiences into positive ones for our lives and our businesses? I believe we can do that in two ways:

  1. Being thankful for what we have right now
  2. Giving what we can, to who we can, every day. 

I remember when I was a child my family lived very humbly. I experienced many things through my friend’s families. One, in particular, had a chalet in a beautiful lake in Guatemala, where I was born

She invited me quite often so I got to experience many things at this gorgeous place: she had a boat so we learned how to waterski there, we swam in the lake, went to cool places, and spent the days just surrounded by beauty. It was amazing! 

Another friend had a farm with rubber trees, cows, and horses. One time we were riding them, and they got into a pond and started to swim around with us on top of it! I must have been 15 years old and I remember having a great time.

Rather than feeling envious of what my friends had, I enjoyed these experiences because I could see what was possible. Actually, that allowed me to form in my brain and my heart what I wanted to strive for in my life: I wanted to learn what I needed to do to make that happen for me.

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As I've always told my kids, I live my life with joy every day, not because I've accomplished everything I ever desired, but because what I have today is so much more than what I had in my youth

In fact, I have achieved beyond my own American dream that I hope for when I was a young kid. And I am extremely thankful for that!

The way I see it, the joy or satisfaction to have accomplished your goals begins with having joy in the journey of accomplishing those things or working towards what you want in your life. In other words, it is best to enjoy the journey and not so much where you're going.

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I have joy in the process of the journey and how we are giving every day to our families, friends, clients, and you. Will I ever get everything I ever desired? Probably not, but I don’t really care. I am happy with the way I live my life right now. 

And I think the reason I have accomplished my goals is because of these three things: 

  1. I have always been thankful for what I have and I love what I do, which has allowed me to do my job with passion and with success.
  2. I have always given to anyone willing to receive.

If you as an entrepreneur are wondering how to make things happen for yourself, I encourage you to take these steps. 

This exercise will help you realize how much you have, how rich you are, and all the things you do have versus what you used to have. Also, it will show you that by giving to others, you receive the joy in your heart that proves to you how much you have and how much you have to give.

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If you do those two things, you will be able to turn your business around and live a life of joy and success.


A Thank You note…

On this Thanksgiving 2022, I would like to say that I'm thankful to God for giving me life. I'm thankful to my family for their love, support, and help. Thankful for my friends and family that has surrounded me and supported me along the way. 

I'm thankful for my team. Without them, I don't know how I could do all this. And for joining me on this mission of protecting the American dream of business ownership through franchising for all franchisees that are working hard to make that happen.

And also, I’m thankful to you. Thanks for reading this blog every week and learning from my stories, experiences, and my wisdom so that I can give you more knowledge and impact your life and your future. By doing that, you're giving me joy in my life!

If we could ever be of service, please reach out to us either on our social media, by subscribing to our YouTube channel, or by visiting We're here to serve you.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 


  • What are you thankful for in 2022?
  • How are you better than you were five years ago?
  • What can you give to others, either your family, your friends, or your team?
  • What would you like to accomplish in 2023 and how will you get there?