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Why You Must Train Your District Manager

district manager multi-unit franchising planning Dec 06, 2022
District Manager Training

Why did you become a franchisee? Some of you might have been corporate executives that wanted to have your own business. Perhaps you retired and we're looking to invest in something productive. Maybe you intended to build an enterprise to have time and financial freedom. Or you are just a dreamer that always wanted to operate your own business and be in charge of your life

  • Whatever your reason to become a franchisee, there is something that you all have in common: you wanted to have the power to own your destiny. 

When you have one franchise unit, you are actually acquiring a job because its cash flow and profitability don’t allow you to be independent.

That is why here at The American Franchise Academy we encourage investors to become multi-unit franchisees because that’s how you multiply your profitability.

Once you do that, you are able to hire a district manager to whom you can delegate operations. By having this professional on your team, you can enjoy time freedom as well as the ownership of your business and your life. But that dream can only come true if that district manager is trained to do that supervisor's job the right way. 


When a District Manager is not properly trained

Many times, franchisees promote a superstar general manager to become the district manager, but because there’s no clarity on their tasks, they tend to execute their new role as they did when they had one unit, but multiplied by the number of stores they are responsible for.

As a result, they do schedules, product ordering, and handle employee issues for everybody. They also get involved in marketing and operations. They even run shifts, especially nowadays with the staffing challenges in the industry

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Since the true role of the district manager is not being fulfilled, the district doesn’t run the way it should. And you, as the franchisee, have to be involved all the time, answering questions, solving problems, receiving challenges, identifying opportunities, and falling off on them, which is really what a district manager should be doing. 


Training for District Managers, the key to producing the expected results

The district manager’s role is completely different than that of a unit manager. And for you to be able to validate operations, they have to represent you as the owner. They also have to protect and grow the brand, the business, and most of all, the people. 

All of this requires specific skills, talents, abilities, systems, and processes. That mix will help them do their job effectively and efficiently without working 80 hours a week. 

District Manager: How Many Units Should They Oversee?

If you want to delegate operations, you have to train your district manager in all of those skills. Otherwise, if you decide to go on vacation, a trip, or a conference, you'll constantly worry about what's happening in your business because you are not there.

There are a couple more reasons why you need to train your district manager the right way:

  1. It would give you peace of mind. You’ll be able to step away from your business and freely take a break or attend emergencies without worrying about what's happening back home because your district manager has your back.
  2. They will be able to produce results. If you train them properly, they will have the right tools, processes, systems, skills, and abilities to achieve your business and financial goals. 
  3. They’ll perform better. By giving them the training they need and deserve, they will have a more positive experience on the job, feel accomplished and confident, and be successful. 


As I told you before, many times district managers used to be superstars as general managers. Let them be superstars as district managers! But they can only shine if they know how to do their job correctly.

  • If you want them to be successful, you must train them and give guidance on how to do just that. 

If this has caught your attention, I invite you to join us in our upcoming information session on the seven critical responsibilities of a successful and effective district manager.

We have these webinars once a quarter. On them, we share with multi-unit franchisees and business owners what is the job, responsibilities, and routines of the district managers.

We also share with the attendees the details of our Multi-Unit Leadership Certification Program, specifically designed for district managers. That program is a 10-week program where we give them the tools and knowledge, the skills, the templates, and the support they need to be a successful and effective district manager. 

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  • Do you truly understand the difference between a general manager and a district manager?
  • Is your district manager overloaded with work and taking care of things they’re not supposed to oversee?
  • Are you able to delegate operations? Or do you still get involved in everyday business?
  • Are you getting the results you expected from your franchise business?