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Who is The American Franchise Academy?

district manager leadership multi-unit franchising May 02, 2023
The American Franchise Academy

In the summer of 2023, The American Franchise Academy will celebrate its 7th anniversary helping franchisees build successful multi-unit enterprises through quality training programs. And yet, many people out there still don't know who we are within the franchise industry

So, in this blog post, we’ll go over who we are, what we do, and how we deliver the resources that franchisees need to be successful and achieve their financial and business goals

But first, I’ll introduce myself because I believe that for you to understand any company, you need to know who the founder is and what’s their story, why the company was created, and what is their mission, vision, and values.


Who’s the founder of The American Franchise Academy?

My name is Aicha Bascaro and I am the founder and CEO of The American Franchise Academy. I love to help people materialize the American dream of business ownership through franchising

I’m an immigrant and I think that the love and passion that I have for this country and the opportunity it has afforded us is what drives me and everything around the Academy.

When I was 21 years old, after I finished college, I opened a business but failed miserably and, before going broke, I decided to deliver pizzas. That decision was the beginning of my journey in the franchise industry with Domino's Pizza

The first 20 years of my career at Domino's Pizza created a lot of who I am. They also built much of my business acumen and a great deal of what I teach at The American Franchise Academy. After leaving that amazing brand, I went to Popeyes and then to Olive Garden. My last position in the corporate world was actually running a brand. 

All of this vast experience gave me the ability to develop the programs and materials that sustain what we share with franchisees and franchise leaders


What does The American Franchise Academy do?

But this academy is not just about me. It's about a team of experienced professionals in the franchising industry, and in business overall. Our community of instructors, managers, and marketers, is focused and committed to the franchisee's success

This is what we focus on every single day here at the Academy: 

  • Our mission: to provide the knowledge, tools, and resources so that franchise leaders can thrive. 
  • Our vision: to become the elite education organization in the franchise industry and the go-to resource for learning, knowledge, and development of leaders
  • Our purpose: to protect the American dream of business ownership through franchising. 


Who does The American Franchise Academy help?

Our target is very specific. We serve brick-and-mortar franchisees that want to grow, whether they have one unit or a multi-unit enterprise that wants to achieve the complete dream of time and financial freedom

We do this with training programs that help our clients define their policies, procedures, and internal processes. 

Once they are clear on this, we assist them to document this information so they are able to train their people and delegate operations, so ultimately, they can focus on strategy, growth, or simply, on enjoying the fruit of their investment.


The American Franchise Academy learning programs
The Command Program

Our signature program, which lasts 12 months, focused on giving franchisees on-hand support in the documentation of their organization’s systems, processes, and procedures. 

The goal is that everything that they have in mind, in hand, and in heart, gets defined and translated into a management manual. Once they have this document, this information can be transmitted to the unit’s managers and leaders so they can run the business the way the owner wants. That will give franchisees the freedom to focus on other important things. 

Through this 12-month program, we also give support on anything that these franchisees may need. And, as they go over this training, they become part of a mastermind network of multi-unit franchisees that are growing their organizations. 

We have been delivering this particular program for over seven years. And through it and because of it, many franchisees have grown into successful multi-unit organizations!

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The Multi-Unit Leadership Certification Program

Focused on developing the necessary skills and responsibilities for district managers. This program was developed because our Command Program clients requested it, since they needed to hire district managers but didn’t know exactly what they were supposed to do. 

So here is where the Multi-unit leadership certification program came about. 

Currently, we are in our third year of delivering this program, impacting over 150 district managers (and counting) by giving these amazing professionals the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to be successful and effective in this critical role. 

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The newest! The Unit Management Certification Program

We are proud to announce that this year, very soon, we’ll launch our third program, destined for unit managers, assistant managers as well as single-unit franchisees.

It is going to be a two-phase training program where we’ll provide the knowledge, tools, and resources that these men and women need to be successful unit managers and accomplish the business and financial goals of their stores

To learn more about this new program, which we’ll be launching soon, follow us on all our social media.

Interested in a specific program? Have a personalized conversation with our admissions officers at 


This is what we do here, at The American Franchise Academy. We are very proud to focus on helping and supporting franchisees. 

There are tons of support and resources available for franchisors, but we have decided to focus on unit managers, district managers, and multi-unit franchisees and on how we can help them achieve their business and financial goals so they can have their own American dream and keep it for a long time.

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  • Are you enjoying your business or struggling with it?
  • What are you lacking to make your business goals come true?
  • Is your team able to operate the business as you want?
  • Do the services that The American Franchise Academy offer resonate with your needs as a franchisee?